Solar LED Street Lamp - 3 to 5m height (2x13W LED lamps, 2x130W Solar Panels)

  • Solar LED Street Lamp - 3 to 5m height (2x13W LED lamps, 2x130W Solar Panels)
  • E27 7W LED SMD 5050 Lamp (White)
Product code: ZLD-200/2x8
Work-time: do 50 000h
Battery type: gel
Wysokość: 4m
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Solar-powered street lamp with two arms, with two modern 13W LED lamps fitted as a light source.  Body of the lamp is 4m strengthened alloy pole

Solar LED lamps are an excellent alternative to the classic street lamps. LED lamps fit best in places, where using traditional street lighting, powered by 230V AC would be to expensive or impossible to use. Solar powered street lamps can help You to avoid high maintenance costs. Because of their autonomy, solar street lamps require no outside power source and do not generate any additional costs. Solar LED Lamps can be used to provide the lighting for:


- walkways

- bus/tram stops

- street crossing

- parks, playgrounds

- parking lots, shopping galleries, industrial buildings

- houses, gardens

Solar LED lamps are easy to install, they require no building permissions from local planning office, or agreements with local power station. Each lamp is autonomous, ready to work immediately after installation. The autonomy of the lamp (work time with no sun available for charging the batteries) is up to 3-4 days. Lamps - depending on configuration - can work up to a dozen or more hours a day. 


Lamp characteristics:

  • Long life span of the LED light source- up to 50000 hours
  • Lack of maintenance costs
  • Fast return on the investment 
  • High efficiency, energy saving source.
  • Ecological, "green" technology
  • Easy installation
  • Lack of permissions,  
  • Low, safe voltage (12/24V DC)
  • Natural light colour, availability of different color temperatures (from 2500K up to 6000K)
  • High colour rendering index value
  • Light source  position can be adjusted  



Technical specification
Pole height: 3m / 4m* /5m* (*-additional payment needed)
Light source: 2x13W LED lamps
Luminous flux: 2200LM
Work time: 8h
Autonomy time: Up to 4 days
Solar panel's power: 2x130W
Solar panel dimensions: 1485 x 670 x 35 mm
Battery capacity: 80Ah
Battery type: AGM
Type of switch: Dusk sensor

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